Welcome to Abacco Cleaning Services Bangkok

home 1Abacco is a young company in Bangkok, with extensive industry experience in cleaning Services.
Where the owner has worked and trained in Sweden for many years before starting up in Bangkok,

We master all in the industry where tasks such as cleaning of office , shop, stair cleaning , spring
cleaning , all types of floor care , window cleaning etc.

We are there for you may seem like an outdated term in today’s superficial world . Of course, we,
like everyone else , profitability demands on us. But we Abacco have learned that it pays for both
our customers and us as we work for our business:


We are there for our clients, not vice versa!

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Our supervisors have high competence and extensive experience in the industry, and are carefully
selected for their employment. In addition, further training supervisors continuously both internally
and externally and stays this way abreast of any news in the industry. They must be able to
understand customer needs

and know the company’s arguments, benefits and products. They will also be able to identify
customer problems and needs. All supervisors must be able to handle complaints. Supervisors
are accessible around the clock via hotline.

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Within our business, maid service, design techniques, methodologies, processes and transportation
in a way that priorities respect for the environment. We must prevent pollution, reduce waste and
continually improve our environmental performance.

Working for the environment is really important for us at Abacco. We work with geo textiles
(miracle cloths) and pre-impregnated mops, equipment for cleaning without chemicals. Thus we
have reduced chemical consumption by 70 percent. Only eco-labeled products according to ISO used.