graniteGranite can vary in color depending on the percentage composition of other
minerals it contains. Genuine granite is usually white, pink or gray because
of its high silica content, including other dark igneous rocks, basalt, are often
sold as granite. Granite has a variety of properties that make it useful in a
variety of applications. It is an extremely dense stone with low porosity and
therefore is stain resistant and impervious to damage from high temperatures.
The absence of calcite in the granite makes it also resistant to erosion and
etching. Moreover, it has a hardness rating of 7-8 which makes it very difficult
to scratch granite.


Repair and Restoration

Granite floors can lose silicon with time, leading to the emergence of small holes or craters. In this case, the only alternative
to diamond grind the floor and re-polish it. This is a very difficult task that requires a lot more experience and patience than 
polishing other stones. Granite hardness makes it very difficult to restore the stone, but it has the ability to be polished to a
high gloss.